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The starting point of any equity release research is to understand the types of equity release schemes available. Equity Release Loans are here to explain EVERY home equity scheme including Lump Sum, Drawdown & Interest Only Lifetime Plans.

Equity Release Calculator

Use our FREE Equity Release Calculator to calculate your maximum equity release. Whether its a Lifetime Mortgage, Home Reversion Plan or Interest Only Lifetime Mortgage, the results are all available by utilising Equity Release Loans' calculators.

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Visit our Compare Equity Release Deals table to compare the best Equity Release Providers, rates & exclusive incentives! With Equity Release Loans you have access to the best equity release deals from the WHOLE of the equity market.

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Local Independent Equity Release Advisers near you! Equity Release Loans will provide FCA qualified advisers offering a FREE initial consultation. You can be assured all companies recommended are members of the Equity Release Council.

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Access our all-in-one online compound interest calculator to realize your equity potential.

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Evaluate contrasting equity release release schemes from providers such as Aviva, Stonehaven, more2life, LV, Hodge Lifetime and more.

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