How Retirement Loans for the Over 55s are Becoming Big News

Once you are over 55 one of your biggest worries is your forthcoming retirement. Should retirement be just around the corner for you then you may need to look for ways to keep the income coming in so that you need not compromise on your lifestyle. Equity release loans are one of your best bets, as they help you raise money with the assets that you already possess. Depending on the kind of lifestyle you wish to lead you can take this form of secured mortgages and lead a comfortable life. The main problem these days is that mortgages for people above the age 55 are becoming fewer and farther between.

Searching Out Opportunities
We have seen recently the post retirement lenders such as Leeds Building Society reduce the maximum age at expiry down from 80 to 75. The question is why and can this be classed as ageism as there cannot be any rationale behind these kind of decisions other than this reason. These people are probably more financially savvy than people in their 20’s and 30’s and certainly have more of a guaranteed income than this younger age group!

For you to be able to get mortgages easily after the age of 55 there are some things that you need to bear in mind. Always try and find a bank which has lenient lending policies for older aged people. If you can give them an assurance that you have left enough money for repaying the loan, even after your death, then the money held as security would be enough for them. In case of any sudden untoward incident, you need them to know that the money with interest accrued will be repaid and that taking back the money from you will never be a problem for them, if life assurance is also taken up.

What most of the banks ideally do these days is to have a guarantee for the mortgages that you have taken. Either of your descendants or heir to the property you have should be able to tell them that despite any kind of circumstances the money lent will reach them back safely and on time. Such kind of guarantee helps them develop great levels of confidence on you and the loan lending becomes a smoother and less complicated process.

Pension credit can be your other best bet. You can find out when and how you become eligible for pension credit and can go about the process as soon as you can. This process saves you last minute worries. Taking equity release loans is a sure fire bet to a good way to maintain yourself worry free during your later stages of life but being prepared for it is also a good way of going about it.

Lifetime Mortgages
Lifetime mortgage options allow you to take advantage of your equity. They are a lot better than your standard mortgage and pension based mortgages. The reason is that they are designed for the age group of over 55s. This type of financial product assures that you have money to spend as you need it, but you also have no repayment until the end of your life or until you move. Even if you move you can sell the home, take the money to repay the mortgage and the interest, and you may still be able to buy another home. You can take the money and use it as you desire which means you could have a second home that you purchased. In this way you have another source of income that can be sold later in your retirement.

Lifetime mortgages come in a variety of forms including lump sum, ill health, interest only, and drawdown. The drawdown mortgage is a great option as you take only what you need when you need it and interest only adds on to the portion you have used. You also have interest-only that works great for making a payment to keep the principle the same. The key is to have a payment that can take care of the interest on a monthly basis.

Be wise and take the right steps much more before retirement to lead a hassle free and much enjoyed life post retirement. Getting equity release loans and at the same time showing the credibility to be able to pay it back can help you avail any loan easily. With the right kind of preparation for your life ahead and thinking of such problems before hand can make your life very good and free of worries.

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